Annual Dinner Dance
Saturday November 18, 2023

Membership Annual Christmas Party
Saturday, December 9, 2023

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2023 Annual Dinner Dance – Info & Tickets

Our Mission

We the American Citizens born on the island of Chios, Greece, and our children born in the United States pledge our united efforts:


To Encourage

To encourage our members to appreciate the privilege of citizenship and participate in the political, civic and social life of our adopted country.


To Educate

To educate our members and teach the principles, ideals and doctrines the Government of the United States, to promote loyalty and allegiance to the laws and constitution of the United States.


To Cultivate

To cultivate high moral standards and promote good fellowship, Goodwill and cooperation among our members.


To Unite

To unite ourselves for benevolent and philanthropic purposes.


To Provide

To provide scholarships for high school graduates as determined by the criteria and standards set by the society.



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